Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ten on Tues.

1. Oops. I missed Tuesday.

2. Bubby started waving yesterday : ) It wasn't a fluke. He's been doing it more today. He even waved night night to da da tonight : )

3. My backs been getting worse! I've only gone to PT twice so far. I need to give it more time, but it's hard. I feel like quitting and just going to get surgery. I'm not. I'm going to keep pushing :( I will be asking my PT if I should wear a back brace and if I may start bike riding. I need to be active even if it's just a walk around the block. Right now walking from my kitchen to my front door brings major pain. So walking around the block will be a major feat : )

4. I met the new VP at Copperwood yesterday. I like her. She seems very nice : ) Bubby loved her.

5. After searching for months, I finally found a PeaPod Plus and a bike trailer on Craigslist : ) I'll be picking them up tomorrow. Yeah!!! I hope to use the bike trailer soon.

6. I've been depressed over my weight and lack of ability to exercise without major pain. When I get depressed, I tend to eat more. That doesn't help get my weight back on track. I have been eating a lot better though. That is thanks to making my own baby food. I want Bubby to eat well, so that pretty much makes me eat well : ) for the most part that is... hee hee hee

7. Bubby wants to eat whatever I eat. He was eating his breakfast fine the other day until he saw me eating Honey Nut Cheerios. At that point he screamed for Honey Nut Cheerios. Well naturally, I am not going to give him that. Babies aren't allowed honey until they are one year old. So that was a good teaching time. I explained to him that he's not going to get everything he wants and screaming won't help. I again had to teach him that same lesson tonight when he went after some electric cords.

8. So Bubby has two bottom teeth and I'm still breast feeding. No, he has not bit me. He does nibble on my hands a bit, but never bites. If I get concerned, I say, "No bite!" And he stops right away. What a good boy!

9. Ok. My husband says that Obama is more eloquent than the GOP speaker. But I still enjoyed listening to the GOP speaker more than Obama. Obama gave me sugar and the GOP man gave me meat! I'll take truth over rhetoric any day of the week.

10. We had a nice visit from my cousin Misty and her daughter earlier this week : ) She called saying she was in the neighborhood. I said to come on over but ignore the mess. That goes for all our family and friends. You're welcome; just ignore the mess.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ten on T

1. Obviously I missed the past two Tuesdays. But who wouldn't if their dad flew in on one of them and flew out the Wed. after the second Tues.?

2. I think Bubby is having another growth spurt. He's eating almost constantly when he's awake and he's sleeping a LOT more than normal. He woke at 6:48 this morning and fell asleep in my arms at 8:30. That's 1/2 hour sooner than his nap time. Oh, he ate the entire time he was up except maybe 20 min. I'm going to hav...e to get a night job just to feed the boy!

3. Bubby has a new swingset. Thank you Dad and Bea. It was an early birthday present. He loves it!

4. I made chicken alfredo, lasagna, and spaghetti while my dad was in town. They were all a hit : ) The spaghetti sauce was made from scratch. And my dad and I ate it with spaghetti squash instead of pasta. The squash adds to it. Great flavor and less carbs :)

5. I just noticed yesterday that my truck no longer had dried egg on it. Bob had cleaned it off about two weeks ago. They were wondering when I'd notice it. hee hee hee... It looks way better!!!

6. My dad took Bubby walking around in his backpack one day and Colin another day.

7. My dad and Bubby enjoyed the fresh air while mom stayed at home. She was supposed to rest her back but did housework instead.

8. We had a great time with Dad, Blake, Sonya, and Colin all week!

9. Colin and Bubby are best buds. They get along so well together even after Bubby pulled Colin's hair.

10. Colin and Bubby are both handsome boys but look NOTHING alike.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

10 on Tues.

1. I just went to see the spinal surgeon today. He said that I have a grade 1-2 spondylolytic spondylolisthesis L5-S1. Basically I have a broken back, kind of. The spine is broken which is why my vertebra can slip out of place pinching the nerve there. He said I have three options... a) live with the pain b) get cortizone shots, up to three a year (it may not help) c) get spinal surgery. Anything else I may do will be a waste of money according to the surgeon. Turns out 5% of white people have what I have. It's genetic. I was either born with it or got it during my growing years. I remember when I was in my early teens I had back problems. I would put pressure on my tailbone and pop it. That helped a lot. For years now I've had the pain down my leg. I just dealt with it until late. I can't do anything without being in pain. Just sitting or laying down can sometimes cause pain :( The spinal surgeon thinks carying my baby around has caused the pain to occur more often. Even though the he doesn't think physical therapy will help, I'm going to try it. I think my muscles will be able to be strong enough to hold my spine in place. Then I can start working out again :)

2. Bubby started picking food up with his fingers and feeding himself. My baby's growing up.

3. Dad is coming out in a week's time :)

4. I'm starting physical therapy Friday. Well, at least I go in for my first meeting.

5. My body has gone to **** since I've been practically laying on my back all day long. I finally see the light as to when I can start working out again :)

6. Bubby has his first tooth and he is being so good not to bite mommy while he's nursing. That's my boy :)

7. We went to eat the other night. Bubby was so good, that is as long as he had some food.

8. Game Night was great fun! Some cousins from Minnesota were in town and joined us :)

9. Joseph finally let me take some pictures of him and Bubby.

10. I've been putting off putting Bubby in 9-12 mo. clothing for about a month now. I can't wait any longer. 6-9 mo. clothes are packed for the next baby.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Early this week Bubby bit me on the chin like he often does, but that time it felt different. It hit me. He was teething. So I proceeded to trying to look at his bottom gums. The key word being "trying". Bubby likes sticking his tongue between his bottom gums and lip. He refused to let me see it :( Alas today I got a glimpse. He has a tooth! No wonder his bite felt different. hee hee hee He has not bit me while nursing :) Knock on wood. My baby's got a tooth. Oh, he's growing up too fast! Make it stop! Make it stop!

Just the other day I was watching my cousin with her baby wrapped in her Moby. He's about a month old and he was sleeping so peacefully on her. I miss that! I had to keep reminding myself that there was a lot more I had to deal with which I would not want to reverse time and have to do all over again. But it was hard while watching him sleep. I love my Bubby, and I wouldn't change a thing about him. It's just so hard having him go through so many changes so quickly. Again, I would not turn back time.