Saturday, September 18, 2010

10+ list

1. August 30

My little man is the best :) I don't want him to grow up. I know... I know... I'll love the new ways he changes . I'm just going to miss these days.

2. September 2

My son's favorite new word is "uff da". He's heard me say it many times. So now he repeats it often. Praise God that's what he's repeating :)

3. September 3

I received a cortisone shot in my back in March of this year. I've searched on line trying to find out how long the cortisone may take affect but nothing was definitive. Could the cortisone still be working or might my back be better than before? I'm not completely healed, but I'm MUCH better than before. I think I'm back to how I was feeling about two years ago :) I did get some great responses on FB; but if you have any knowledge about this that you'd like to share with me, please do :)

4. September 3

I've been thinking I need to buy Joseph Jr 2T clothes for this winter especially while in VT. All of a sudden today I came across a bag of 2T winter clothes I received a couple months ago from my sil, Rachael. God is so good :) Thank you, Rachael, again :)

5. September 6

Joseph Jr refused to sleep during his morning nap :( I put him down at noon. He fell fast asleep. I wonder if he's in the process of going to one nap a day. hmm...

(ever since, he's been taking one nap a day minus one day where he had very little sleep the night before. The naps usually last about 2-3 hours.)

6. September 8

My son woke at 2am. Then slept from about 3-7:30am. He took his nap from 12-3pm.

7. September 15

My son's left arm was pulled out of socket for the umpteenth time. We didn't know what was happening at first. He'd cry and then he'd be fine after a few minutes. Each time it got worse. Then a few weeks ago, we were playing a game with him where we'd count to three as we were walking and then pick him up by his arms and swing him forward. He LOVED it until the last time we did it. He was in severe pain, so we were searching for an urgent care or something. Finally after not finding anything open, we headed toward the hospital. Within minutes of making that decision, he was all better. We've been so careful since. Then yesterday, not thinking, he was picked up and within a few minutes he was crying in pain. We took him to the hospital and got his elbow put back in place. The doc said it was just a little out of alignment. Once it was put back, he was using both arms and happy as can be :) The doc said that if a toddler throws a tantrum while your holding his arm and he drops to the ground you should immediately let go of the arm. His daughter did that to him. Twice her arm was pulled out of socket "by" him. So we just need to be really careful with his arms and legs, especially his left arm since it's already been injured. Nursemaid elbow

8. September 17

We came back from the doc's. She showed me how to put his elbow back in place and said if it doesn't work to take him to a pediatrician, not an adult doctor. She also said it happened often with her daughter. I pray I'll never have to use my new found knowledge :)

9. Saturday, September 4 we celebrated Bob's b-day, his dad, George's b-day, and Sarah's b-day. It was great fun and great to see everyone there :)

10. The weekend of September 10 Joseph and I joined around 500 other people at Desert City Swing. I worked my butt off the entire weekend and my back surely felt it. But it was a great time. I really enjoy it every year :) Maybe we'll see you next year :) Oh, many people commented on my prego shirts :) Some were still cautious about mentioning it to me as I could have just had a bit of a belly. The shirts read "Pregnancy is the new skinny", "What's kickin" baby feet were where the i's should have been, "Love brings out he child in me", and "Pregnancy - all of the hangover, none of the booze". Joseph got 4th in Intermediate. He danced very nicely :) But ladies, just remember, he's all MINE :)

11. The past few weeks Joseph Jr has been getting his upper canine teeth. Just recently I saw one of his lower canine teeth trying to pop through. He's been a real champ :)