Thursday, April 29, 2010

10 on Thursday

1. I'm limiting my time on FB so I can get some things done in my house. I've been gone most of the week, so all the work I did last week is gone.

2. I finished putting cabinet and drawer locks in the kitchen :) One less concern :)

3. I had a great time dancing Sunday night :) Thank you to all who asked me to dance. Yes, I actually danced and I danced a lot. My back's holding up pretty good. Blessings.

4. I was blessed to spend the Monday with a friend and her three boys one of which is less than a week old :)

5. Bubby turned one on Wednesday :)

6. Bubby started walking a lot the day before his birthday.

7. I spent the day with the pastor's wife today. It was a very nice time. I hope it's the beginning of a strong friendship.

8. There's a good chance Bubby will be taking swim lessons this summer. They're two weeks long. I'm hoping his cousin will be his teacher :)

9. It's getting so hot already! I'd be so happy if it was 75 degrees for three months. I can always dream :)

10. It looks like Bubby and I will be flying to VT for a while this fall. YEAH!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ten on Tues. +1

1. I'll be changing this to Ten on Thursday starting next week.

2. It turns out Bubby had an ear infection in his right ear :( He's now on antibiotics for 10 days and has drops to help with the pain. The antibiotics are to end Saturday :)

3. We got our AC fixed the other day. Yeah :) Rhoads was amazing! I called in the morning and they came out within a couple hours. Praise God! They did a great job. I highly recommend them.

4. I made sweet potato fries with cinnamon a couple days ago. I think I put too much cinnamon on them. But Bubby loved them :) I made sweet potato fries with salt. The ladies who came over for Ladies' Night loved them :) I had a bunch of apples that were ripe and needed to be used up ASAP. So I looked on line and found a easy baked sliced apples recipe. Bubby and I both love them :) Don't know if there will be any left for dad :)

5. When it rains it pours! But God is good :)
a. Last Fall we had to get a new roof (used the truck as collateral)
b. My back... need I say more (still working on that)
c. Our fan for our AC breaks (had enough in our emergency fund)
d. My truck breaks (Joseph had the truck; Bubby and I were home, thankfully) (It wasn't as expensive as we were afraid of. We had the money to cover it.)
We are all safe. That's what matters :)

6. I had Joseph try my baked apple slices and asked if he liked them. He said they're ok. So I asked if I'd ever be able to make anything he liked. He responded, "I like your spaghetti sauce so yes." He then stated that he's easy to please. I disagreed and asked how. There were five things. a) Season all of his meat except fish with Lawry's Seasoned Salt. He puts Lawry's on everything even popcorn. I pretty much despise the stuff because he uses it so much. b) my spaghetti c) my lasagna d) macaroni and cheese e)other pasta's with alfredo sauce. Later he told me that he also often likes chicken breasts and he'd like to eat more fish. The only thing completely healthy on his list is fish. I'll have to figure something out.

7. My son got his appetite back and is eating us out of house and home again :) Praise God!

8. So there was one really good thing that came out of our truck breaking down. Joseph attached Bubby's bike seat to my bike :) We just got back from a 20 minute ride. I so missed biking, and I forgot how good it feels to get your heart beating a bit. There will definitely be more bike rides to come this summer. Much more!

9. Ack!!! I found out we are over our minutes :( No talking for me until this weekend. I can receive texts and pix though.

10. Joseph switched the car out with the truck at lunch on Monday to get an oil change. He drove home after work and road his roller blades to pick up the car. It's only about four miles but he has to cross the freeway :( He's confident he'll remember most of what he forgot as he goes.

11. It has been over a week now since I got my cortisone shot. And I am feeling much better :) I still have times throughout the day where I have to lay down with my feet up and relax. More often than not when I do that my back pops back into place. That feels much better. I am still going to physical therapy to help strengthen my core muscles so I will hopefully not have to continue with the cortisone shots :) Praise God! I feel like a new person. I've even been able to keep the dishes pretty under control. Blessings to all.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Philosophical Thoughts

Well, I missed last week and am way behind on this week. I do love philosophical discussions. However, I'm not great at coming up with the start. So, I am stepping down from my weekly philosophical thoughts. But if any of you start one up, I would love to join in the discussion :) Until then.

Ten on Tues. +1

1. We're late again this week. We spent Tuesday and Wednesday at my Mom and Bob's. We had a wonderful time :) Whenever Bubby saw Bob, he would't stop fussing until he was in Bob's arms. It was cute.

2. A stomach bug swept through our house last week. Bubby had the worst of it. It hit him hard while he slept Wednesday night or Thursday morning. The first 24 hours was the worst. He finally got his bowels back by Monday :) It hit me Friday. I was better by the time I woke up Saturday. But then Joseph got it :( 24 hour bug for us adults.

3. I missed my Aunt Lisa's Surprise Birthday party Saturday night. I could't leave Joseph home with Bubby since he was sick. I also was concerned I might take the bug with me to others. I didn't want that! So I stayed home :(

4. We didn't go to church Sunday. I think all the parents and pregnant ladies are happy we didn't go.

5. A WTE and FB friend sent me her cloth diapers and covers. I just got them last week. We used them yesterday. I love them :) Thank you, Danielle :)

6. My sil, Rachael, gave me all her 2T boy clothes :) I'm excited to go through them and put them away for later. I don't want Bubby to grow up too fast.

7. I started creating a list for those that would like some guidance on getting things for their baby to come. I'm having a blast putting it together.

8. My husband bought a back-up camera for his photography business. It's great and small. It has pretty much three modes. 1. camera 2. panorama 3. video

9. I am so frustrated with my laptop. A few days ago it started acting up. The mouse is on the fritz but worse than that, the keys on the keyboard work only when they feel like it. It's not one or two keys either. The problem jumps from key to key. The backspace key doesn't work properly either :( This is putting a BIG damper on FB, my Blog, and my baby list. I am going to pray that God heal my computer :)

10. I had surgery Tuesday. Well, that's what they call it. I had a cortisone shot, a epidural. I found out that an epidural is not specific to being numbed during labor pains. It refers to the area. Back to the shot... I had to lay on my stomach for the shot. I wasn't in much pain but the longer I laid on my stomach, the more pain I had. By the time it was done, I was in tears. The pain did begin to subside after I was able to sit up. The cortisone shot itself was painful at various times. It is not something I want to have again! That said it should start working by Saturday.

11. Starting Saturday afternoon I have had many instances where numbness would take over much of my left leg and foot. That has been a bit scary :(

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ten on Tues.

1. Better late than never :)

2. Easter was fun :) Bubby enjoyed his first Easter.

3. I started playing Family Feud on FB; however, it only lets me play two games a day. So I can't get stuck on it for too long :)

4. The fan for our AC broke :( Joseph's been great at letting us keep the doors open to cool down the house. But that has created some allergy issues for me. I'm sneezing most of the day now :( We hope to get it fixed soon.

5. I was singing to my son, who loves my singing :) Gotta love kids. In any case, my husband was searching for something on hulu to play. I asked if he didn't want me to sing. He said, "No, I love you singing. I just don't like the hearing you singing."

6. Two of my cousins who are in the Navy joined us all for Easter. It was great to see them :) God bless those who serve!

7. Wow! After the first few weeks of my son's life, I never thought it would be easy to put him to bed for a nap. The past week or so has been heaven! I love my little man :)

8. My back is on the mend again :) I just have to keep my body's position in mind throughout the day. I'm able to do more small spurts. Yeah!

9. I finally started organizing the stuff in my bedroom. I put a big dent in it, but the on looker wouldn't be able to tell. That's ok. I know :)

10. Bubby LOVES being tickled :) His smile is so big and so infectious. If I'm having a difficult day, all I have to do is look at him and he brings life back into my day :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Philosophical Thoughts

We have an amazing God!!! He does what He does to help us.
1) He created us in His image.
2) He wants us to have a strong relationship with Him.
3) He refused to force us to do this; He gave us free will.

America's government is not following God's lead :( They do what they do to help them.
1) They take our money and give it to whoever/what ever they want.
2) They take our religion. Soon it will most likely be illegal to speak against homosexuality.
3) They take our freedom. We will soon have to eat what they want us to eat and get health insurance that they deem fit.