Thursday, March 17, 2011

February Journal

Wednesday, February 2

Joseph Jr woke every hour last night. He began by peeing every hour. It wasn't until the 4th time that I decided to put a diaper on him. I told him it was extra padding. He still woke every hour but went back to sleep after I would say, "It's ok, Joseph. It's still night night time."
Then at 6:15am he stayed awake but stayed quiet until I told him he could get up. What a sweet boy. After that night, I figured he would be having tons of accidents today. Nope! Not a one :) He even went poo in the potty for the second time :) I think the wind stirred up some allergies. He has a stuffy/runny nose.
He's definitely ready. He does great during the day. It's just when he's sleeping that he has difficulties. We'll probably be using "extra padding" during nap and night times for a while longer. But during the day he will stay in his underpants. Very excited about NO accidents today :)
Well, he goes pee 2-3 times a night around 12am, 3am, and 6am. So having him stop drinking 1-2 hours before he normally stops would probably just change the times he pees at night. So I guess I will continue with diapers at night for now. He slept through the night until 6am when he woke with a wet diaper that leaked to his pjs. He's just one of those kids with really good kidneys :)

Joseph Jr had a partial accident today. He started in his pants but finished in the potty only because he told me :) I am too excited!!!! It seems like so long ago when we started potty-training and I was beside myself. I'm so glad I didn't give up and glad he didn't either :)

Thursday, February 3

I had oj for the first time in weeks and no heart burn :) YEAH!!!

Sunday, February 6

Never thought I'd be watching the super bowl with my husband. He said he wanted to watch it. I asked him about it. He said that he wanted to see the commercials :)

My little man coughed but no one said anything about it. So he turns around, looks right at me, and says, "Bless you." I respond, "Bless you." He then is happy :)

Monday, February 7

I have the best husband :) While I was at a dr's appt this morning, he took care of a lot of the dishes in the kitchen. What a great guy! Yes, ladies. He's married, and there is no way I'm letting him go :)

Went to get an ultra sound this morning to find out how big my baby is. I didn't realize how difficult it would be to see a baby at this "age". Back to the topic. The baby measured 7lbs 12oz or 77th percentile. They said the baby's weight is normal. Babies aren't considered big until the 90th percentile.  I also found out that babies gain about 1/2 a pound every week at this stage. So if my baby stays till the due date, he'll be right around my son's birth weight. Yes, I said he. I think I might have seen something on the ultra sound. I could be totally wrong. The tech may not have even shown that part knowing I wanted to wait to find out, but then again...
Honestly, I couldn't be happier either way :) I figure a boy would be great, so Joseph and he would grow up together. If a girl, that would make me just as happy but for different reasons :)

Wednesday, February 9

I had a dream last night that I delivered a very chunky baby boy :)  I figure if this one's a boy, the next pregnancy will be twin girls :)

Thursday, February 10

I went to my ob appointment today. I lost a pound. I think it's because I'm less swollen today than last week. Babies heart rate was 146. I guess I was wrong about the baby dropping. The doc is concerned about my baby not dropping since I'm planning on having a vbac.
Lord, please align everything in my body properly so the baby drops at the proper time. I also ask that my cervix opens to ten and I am completely effaced at the appropriate time for this baby to be born naturally and healthy. Thank you, Lord. Amen.

Saturday, February 12

We had some family and friends over last night, so my son stayed up until 9:15pm playing with the kids. He fell fast asleep but still woke at 6am. At least he woke in a good mood :)

My son was being ornery for about 1 1/2 - 2 hours before people came over. During that time he peed his pants about three times. I think he did it on purpose especially since once the kids were here he didn't have one accident. When he had to go pee, he told his dad and then used the toilet.
Here we go again. Last night his orneriness was due to having to pick up his toys. This morning there were a few toys that needed to be picked up before he watches a show. Instead of picking up, he chose to make an even bigger mess. Last night I got upset with him for being disobedient and my husband says our son knew it got to me that's why he did it. So I'm just staying calm now and and not letting our son's actions goad me to irritability. He'll learn soon enough that what mommy says she means.

I got an early Valentine's Day present :) It's the Shark 2 in 1 Vac and Steam :) Best Valentine's Day present ever thus far :)

Sunday, February 13

Alpha kissing Beta :)

Alpha loves reading :)

Monday, February 14

My son just tripped over his own feet, I think. He fell right into the corner of our wall. He now has a cut on the inside of his lip and his lip is huge. My poor little man :(

It's Valentine Week!! Change your Profile Picture to you and your spouse/significant other. Make sure to tell how long you've been together! Then copy/paste this as your status so others can play along! We have been together 6 years :)

Friday, February 18

My son is at his Grandma and Pop Pops house for two days, yesterday and today. This is to allow me to clean the house, wash all the clothes and such, pack, etc. Yes, I could do that with my son here; however, it would take way more than two days.
Yesterday afternoon, I was unable to do much on my feet due to my lower back hurting badly. But after my husband gave me a massage and I slept, my back feels much better. So today I am going to take a nap even if it just means resting. I can't have my lower back hurting like it did yesterday. Well, I'm off :)
As of yesterday morning I was completely closed. Baby was far from dropping. So I'm not sure when the newbie's arrival will be. I'm hoping between Monday afternoon and Thursday morning :)

Taking a break for lunch. I got a good amount done but still have a lot more to go. Not sure if I'll be taking that nap. My back's doing fine right now, so we'll see if that changes.

I took Karen's advice and took a nap. Now I'm awake and ready to work. I think :)

Saturday, February 19

I woke this morning at 3:50 to contractions. They were happening ever 10-15 min, so I finally got up at 5am. They continued that way until just before 10am. Since then they've come sporadically a few times. Becky might be right. hmmm...

I'm praying that I and others involved with my delivery will have a restful night sleep, that I will wake tomorrow morning with the energy and desire to do a few prep things for the baby, and then deliver the baby late morning or early evening. Please pray that with me :) Thank you.

Monday, February 21

Rachael Ann Elizabeth was born Sunday, February 20th at 10:01am weighing 9lbs 8oz measuring 22.5in via C-section. Mom and baby are doing fine.
Rachael Ann is her first name :)

Wednesday, February 23

Daddy Loves Me - released from the hospital today :)


labor and delivery details

I woke around 3:30 Saturday morning with contractions 10 min apart lasting until about 10am.  Then they were sporadic until 10:30 that night.  At that time they started coming every hour until 1:20am.  Then they began coming every 10 minutes for a while, then 5 min, then 2-3 min.  I finally called the hospital around 3:30am.  My contractions had been strong for over an hour and close together, so they strongly recommended I come in.  I knew my baby wasn't ready to come out but I woke my husband and my son to get ready to go.  They were both great about it :)  I told my son that Beta wanted to come out and see him.

We went to the hospital, and I was checked.  My baby had not dropped and I was completely closed :(  They said I was a little bit dehydrated, so they gave me an IV of fluids.  The nurse kept mentioning a c-section since my doctor was out of town.  It turns out the other doctors would not be willing to let me labor.  I said I'd rather leave and come back when the baby was ready to come out.  She mentioned some other drugs to help take the edge off and hopefully reduce my contractions.  They said I was having false contractions. The IV didn't work nor did the other drugs.  

At 9am the doctors switched.  The nurses mentioned again about a c-section.  When they left I spoke to my husband about a possible c-section.  I said I didn't want one but if I was to have one, I wanted my doctor to do it.  My husband said that he'd rather me get a c-section.  The new doctor came in and said that I was not in false labor but active labor.  Due to that and my previous c-section it was dangerous for me to continue laboring.  My uterus could rupture the longer my contractions continued.  The crazy thing was that I was still sleepy from the drugs they gave me, my eyes were shut when he came in and started talking, and I thought he sounded like my doctor.  I looked at him twice to see if he was my doctor.  He wasn't, but it did calm me a bit.  Funny thing is... he looks like the Jewish doctor on House.

bottom left is the doctor that did the c-section, bottom middle is my doctor