Saturday, May 22, 2010

10 on Thursday

1. Wow! I missed Thursday by a lot!

2. My best friend, Betsy, was blessed with a baby boy :) I am so excited!!!

3. Bubby started a new thing just yesterday. Now he hides his toys in momma's shirt. While I was changing shirts, out drops a fridge magnet. Kids :)

4. Bubby woke up crying Saturday morning and with a 99.5 temp :( I gave him .8 mL of Tylonol. Within an hour his body is cool and he's playing like his old self :)

5. I rearranged Bubby's Dining room play area.

6. Bubby woke up numerous times the other night, but quickly put himself back to sleep. His teeth are really doing a number on him. One broke through, but the other two are still pushing their way out. Poor little guy :( He enjoyed our bike ride a few days ago. No tears at all during that. I just have to find new ways to keep his mind off his teeth.

7. I am sad :( Bubby is weaned :( My back is happy but my heart is not.

8. For all those who are curious, we are not yet expecting :( Hopefully soon :)

9. Bubby wanted a cracker, but he wanted to get it himself. So I told him one. Well, he's smarter than me. He decided one meant one handful :)

10. A dear friend was in a car accident Sunday night. She was T-boned on her side. Today she had a surgery to put a piece of metal in her head to protect her brain. Even during all this she's smiling :) The part she hated the most was the fact that they shaved half her head. She's doing well and should be home in a couple days. Praise God!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


These past few years have hit me hard with losing family members, sickness striking family and friends, mothers having to say good bye to their babies before they even get to see their face, and much more. It also has been filled with blessings like babies being born and family saved. Even with the blessings, it's hard not to focus on the pain. I just recently read the following to help those going through their loss:

"five essential tasks anyone who has suffered a loss needs to do to help heal grief".
1. Accept the reality of the loss.
2. Experience and talk about the painful feelings caused by the loss until healing takes place.
3. Put your life back together by making decisions, taking actions that are constructive and that make a difference for what you have lost.
4. Put the loss into the wider context of meaning and faith.
5. Reach out for mutual help to others who have suffered losses.

I hope this helps someone going through a loss. I used it last year after having a c-section. No, I didn't lose my baby. Thank God! My loss was not of a life but of a desire for a natural birth for my child. No, it wasn't the end of the world but it felt like that in some ways. In any case, your loss may not be of a life. Some of you have lost the chance of having another baby. Whatever your loss, these steps should help. The length of your grief process will not be the same for everyone or every situation. Just take it one second at a time. Soon your seconds will turn into minutes, then hours, then days, and so on. I pray God's blessings and peace on all of you.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ideas for a Baby Registry and MORE

Prelude: I am a first time mother who went through 30 hours of labor only to have to have a c-section. I decided to nurse my son for a year and plan on getting pregnant at the end of that year. I am 5’9’’ with a close to an hour glass type body and I am close to average weight for my height. I only gave you all that information because some of it might help you with your choice in clothes and other things.

Ideas for a Baby Registry and MORE

If you are trying to save money, then check out the notes to the right of each item. Also I strongly suggest buying items second hand except a car seat. However, if you have the money and like new things, buy new J It’s also important to know what space you have for the baby stuff.

X – I strongly suggest getting this or something like it

N – Breast feeding/Nursing item

C – Cloth diaper item


X Pillow – if you want to save money, use a bunch of pillows; but realize the pillows will move and you will have to rearrange them throughout the night. I know that from experience.

X Lotion – I’ve found that more people swear by cocoa butter lotion to prevent or reduce stretch marks. I bought some and used it a couple times, but that was one smell that I couldn’t handle while pregnant. There are many other lotions people swear by but I’ve found that everything I’ve found at Baby Mother and More has been well worth it. If they sell it, I trust it will be good.

X Maternity/Nursing Tops – These tanks are amazing. They are such good quality and can be used while pregnant and nursing. They hold their shape and hold your chest in place. I have not found that in any other tank top nursing or not. I am currently a size F, so I know a bit about that. Actually it works better than any sports bra or regular bra I have ever owned. The clips on the bra part are great too. They are easy and quick to undo.

X Massager – I had back pain and back labor. This was a great tool. But you still need someone who is willing to put the work in.

Tummy Band – This helps in the early stages of pregnancy to cover your unbuttoned pants. I didn’t find it useful in the later stages but that could be due to my large hips.

X Brief underwear – I used my regular underwear for quite a while then I bought some maternity ones. There are bikini and thong underwear as well. Use what you find most comfortable. Better yet, have a couple different kinds.

Compression Pantyhose – My legs swelled horribly starting in the middle of my second trimester. There was a shot time where my legs were in major pain. I had to cut as much salt from my diet as possible and at every possible minute lay with my legs elevated. I did wear the compression pantyhose for a couple weeks, and they did help. However, I HATE pantyhose and the diet and elevation of my legs helped enough where I found I didn’t have to wear the pantyhose. I’m still really glad I had them for those couple of weeks.

X Prenatal vitamins + Omega – I am currently using this. This is an all natural vitamin. Your doctor will give you ideas of what minerals and such you need in your vitamins. Check there first. A friend who is pregnant was told that probiotic vitamins are the best. From what little research I did, I agree with her findings.


Sleep Time

X Crib – I moved my son to his crib at 3 weeks old. I woke at every noise he made, so the only way for both of us to get a decent couple hours sleep at a time was to be in separate rooms. I kept the railing low until he began standing around 5 or 6 months old. In hind sight I would have had my husband move the mattress up to its highest level. It’s difficult on the back bending over picking him up and laying him down. Make sure your crib has levels. The crib had a sheet and a sleep positioned in it, no bumper pad due to SIDs. I did have a mobile but he never liked it, so it wasn’t used.

X Crib sheets x3 or more – change the sheets at least once a week. There are other covers for the sheets that are supposed to be easier to deal with. I found them more troublesome. It’s pretty easy to take the mattress out of the crib, strip the sheet, and put a new one on. It does get a little tricky when you use a mattress pad, but you’ll get good at it after a few times doing it. I have three sheets and have not needed more. Mine have elastic all the way around. I couldn’t find the ones I got, so I hyperlinked to other ones that seemed decent.

Crib mattress pad – helps keep the baby from the cold plastic. Sheets are great but aren’t a good insulator from the plastic mattress. I would use a flat pad. They you don’t have to worry about it fitting the mattress after it’s dried nor about the sheets fitting around the pad. If the mattress is a material that is not waterproof, you’ll want a pad to protect the mattress. In that case, I would get a fitted pad.

Bassinet - I used this beside my bed for the first 3 weeks of life. Then it just took up space. I gave it to a friend who is expecting. A bassinet is great for the first few months until they start sitting up maybe rolling over. If you have to buy something, I would spend your money on a pack n play with a bassinet attachment. That will give you much longer use.

Bassinet sheets x 5 or so - change the sheets at least once a week.

X Pack n play – I had one set up in my living room for quite some time. I often used the changing table attachment but rarely used it other than that. I did take it outside at times when my baby was in the crawling stage. This way my baby could be close but safe while I did yard work. We keep one at my mom’s house for Bubby to sleep in while we’re there. That’s super helpful. I keep one in my truck just in case we go somewhere and need it. I think I’ll get more use out of it when we have our second child. Bubby will most likely still be using his crib for a few more months. So the baby will have the pack n play to sleep in.

X Pack n play sheets x2 or more – change the sheets at least once a week. I use the sheets when the baby is sleeping in the pack n play. When it is being used as a play area, I take the sheets off.This way any drink or food spills are easier to clean up from the plastic bottom. No worries about having to change the sheets every time it is used for play.

Keep baby’s head elevated – babies easily get stuffed up, so having the mattress elevated a bit will help with the baby’s sleep. I had something similar to this one but without a stopper at the bottom. So my baby kept sliding down and no longer elevated. I now use a thick book such as a telephone book or dictionary under the mattress to elevate it. I will probably buy this product for our second child. Baby’s were confined for nine months, so they usually feel more secure when surrounded.

Monitor – I used to think the video monitor was over doing it, but I changed my mind quickly after my baby was born. I never bought one, but wished I had. The sound and light monitors are nice. I used the sound for a short time, but I found it had a lot of interference and I still awoke with every noise. The lights, I used a lot! The louder the noise in the baby’s room the more lights shown. When our baby started crying like a baby not an infant, I took away the monitors and just kept my bedroom door open a bit. I was done with the monitor! But it was nice for the first 6 months. What a video monitor would have given me that I so desperately wanted: see that my baby was still alive (yes, it goes through mommy’s heads), be able to get him when he wakes up rather than begins to cry, as he gets older it would be nice to see how he entertains himself when he wakes up J

Night light – it’s nice having a very dim light when entering the room to feed/change your baby during the night. Our humidifier had a light on it and that worked great as a night light.

X Blanket x 3 or more – my cousin makes the softest blankets I’ve ever felt. Baby’s love them!They are expensive but well worth having at least one. She doesn’t make much for sewing them due to the expensive material. I did not register for any blankets but received five. Three of them were handmade. I received the softest blanket ever, a crocheted or knitted one, two quilted ones, and a store bought one. We use all of them! That said, I highly recommend not registering for blankets. You’ll probably get quite a few handmade blankets.

X Pacifier – I heard so many things about pacifiers especially if you will be nursing. I now believe using a pacifier the first two to three months would be a God send. I have only found moms who gave their little one a pacifier and nursed them to say they were glad they had a pacifier. My son used one very little. I wished he used it more. Instead he used me. That became painful. My next baby will be given a pacifier at birth, but one that I choose not what the hospital chooses.

Sound machine – I have family members who swear by white noise machines and use them themselves. The machines give you various choices of sound and seem to last longer than a CD.We purchased some white noise on the internet and download it. It was definitely a LOT less expensive, but we the CDs skipped a lot. We finally stopped using it around 4 months out of complete frustration with the skippig.

X Picture books to read to baby x2 or more (what kinds of books to get) – It is important to read to your child. And the sound of your voice is calming to them. It also helps give you something to do while feeding your infant and then getting them into a routine as they get older. I read different stories to my son when he wakes and the same story just before bed time. He has plastic and cardboard books that he plays with too. He has a couple plastic books that have places for pictures. I’ve put his momma, dada, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins in there. He loves them.

X Music – It’s nice to have soft instrumental music playing in the background for you and baby.FYI: The hyperlink here is not one that I’ve heard but I thought it might fit. As your baby gets more active, you’ll want to get more active music. I have been searching for songs that are sung by children the way children would actually sing them. The closest I came to finding that was a Veggie Tales CD that my mom had. She found out they were no longer selling that one, so she gave me hers. You gotta love moms J If you find any CDs that fit my criteria, please let me know.

X Humidifier – This humidifier got mixed reviews; however, we have it in our son’ room and both my husband and I love it. We’ve gone through plenty of humidifiers too. We’ve had this one for about a year. Some humidifiers have filters that have to be replaced. That adds up quickly.This one does not. It’s easy to fill and use. You can change the direction of the mist, have it on hot or cold mist, and it tells you when it needs to be refilled. The light on it is just the right amount for me to change my baby’s diaper or nurse him at night. So the humidifier is my night light. The mist is very fine and it took me a while to figure out what ‘film’ was collecting in my son’s room. It turns out it’s salt. This caused his white noise CDs to skip. I’m sure it would fix itself if we used regular water instead of our water softened water. We’re too lazy to go outside and get the other water. It’s not a big deal now anyway since we stopped using the CD. I actually would like to get two more for a couple other rooms in our house.

X Digital humidity & thermometer gage – The humidity and temperature are important to have a healthy living area for the baby. During the summer times in AZ the humidifier is on most of the time, but I realized during our last winter I had to shut the humidifier down most of the time due to too much humidity. That gage came in very handy. I strongly suggest getting one.

X Intra-uterine sound – I wish I had this. I was planning on getting one but never did. I didn’t realize how much it could help an infant feel safe. I feel for infants more than I ever did. I never thought what they were going through was so tough. But they were in their mother’s womb for nine months, confined and feeling vibrations different from what they get after they’re born. It’s important to make that transition easy for them. The easier it is for them, the easier it is for you.

Diapers and such

Changing table – We bought our changing table off of I love it and used it the first 10-11 months every time I needed to change a diaper. I now leave a changing pad on a bed and change him there. It works well. I just have to remember to have a diaper and wipes on the bed.It was nice having a changing table for the height, sides to help keep baby in place, and the storage space.

X Diaper rash/Thrush cream – When it comes to my baby, I do my best to use all natural things.I didn’t know about this earlier otherwise I would have bought it. One nice thing about cloth diapers is that babies rarely get diaper rash, so I’m still on the same bottle of desitin. My son never got thrush, so I don’t know too much about that.

X Diaper bag – My sister-in-law makes strong diaper bags. She takes a lot of pride in her work and does an excellent job. The diaper bags are more on the expensive side due to the cost of the material, but they well worth it. She makes large and small bags. I have a large one but would really like a small one for quick trips. I have a backpack diaper bag as well and another small bag I use for quick trips. If you are really trying to save money, you could use any cloth bag.

X C Wet bag for cloth diapers – Wet bags are super important in keeping odors and messes contained when away from home. You could use Ziploc bags instead but I think you will end up spending more money that way and you’ll have more headaches too. Just through your wet bags in with your diapers on wash day. Some people only use their wet bag once before washing it again. I have two wet bags and I reuse them until I wash them. It’s worked out well for me. My wet bags were made from two different people. My sil’s wet bag is of far better quality.

X C Wet bag for cloth wipes – When using cloth diapers it is easier to use cloth wipes. You put them both in the large wet bag after used. I know some mothers use cloth wipes even if they use disposable diapers. The cloth wipes are better for the babies’ bottoms. I have three wet bags for cloth diapers. This is helpful when making a new batch of wipes. I have one bag with the last batch. Then I have two others for the new batch. I usually make 11 at a time. I can fit four or five wipes in each bag.

X Changing pad x3 or more – I have about five changing pads. I rarely use the store bought ones due to them being all plastic. I have three that were handmade and use them all the time. The one my sil made has cloth surrounding the wet pad. It’s super nice and the one side is great to lay baby on. I would like it to be a bit longer, but I’m sure you could request that if you wanted.

X C Cloth diapers – I have bumGenius AIOs with the Velcro. I love them but suggest getting the snap closures if you get the AIOs. If you get the Velcro, I suggest not putting them in the dryer.I haven’t used the Rumparoos but they look the best to me. Those are the ones I’d really like to get. If you’re trying to keep the expense down low, buy tri fold diapers and covers. Those work too J

X Disposable diapers - store brand has served us well. I use these when we are some place rinsing messy diapers out won’t work well, i.e. camping, park,etc.

X C Cloth wipes (make own wipes if you want) – I love my wipes. They have a side to collect messes and a side for the final wipe. These are way better than disposable.

X Disposable wipes – I have these for backup in case I run out of cloth wipes or for outings where I use a disposable diaper.

X C Diaper pail – My diaper pail does not have a foot pedal. That would be nice as long as it didn’t break.

X C Pail liner x2 – I have two of them. I have an extra so I can still use the diaper pail when one is in the wash. Just wash them with your diapers. Don’t dry.

C Pail freshener (bottom of page) – helps with the smell

X Vaseline squeeze tube (most important for boys) – I used this after my son was circumcised.The squeeze tube made it super easy.


X Dresser – I strongly suggest getting some sort of dresser.

X Hamper – I like mine. There is a net inside the hamper that comes out. My hamper is similar to the one on the hyperlink. But I couldn’t find one that stated it had a net inside.

X Swaddle x 3 or more – I had a swaddle similar to the infant wrap. It worked so well! I think the halo one would be super nice too especially as the baby gets older. Sometimes the baby kicks so much it opens the swaddle. The halo could also be used without the wrap just in case your baby doesn’t like being swaddled. That’s highly doubtful but possible. I had a swaddle with feet, but it was really small and could only be used for about a month. This one looks much better. If you only get one, I would get the swaddle with feet. You can use it in the car seat, swing, bouncer, carrier, stroller, etc.

X Pajamas x4 or more – Those pajamas are so cute. I personally use baby nightgowns. They were given to me. I haven’t been able to find them in the store at all. But they’re nice especially the ones with the elastic at the bottom. They cover the baby and it’s easy to change their diapers. If you find where they’re sold, please let me know.

X Shorts onsies/ pants onsies -

Mittens – I wanted these but didn’t get them until later. He didn’t scratch his face for the first few months. That may have been due to being swaddled until he was three or four months. I probably could have used it after that, especially while he was sleeping. But I don’t know…

Hat & Booties – Bubby got a couple hats from the hospital and the some from others. His feet were too big for booties, plus his feet were often covered in his swaddle blanket. I ended up using socks. Everything I read states that you should not have baby’s wear shoes until they are walking and then only outside.


Place to put toys – Think about what type of furniture you would like to store your baby’s toys.There are three choices, open furniture, furniture with lid, no furniture.

Open furniture:

Negatives - toys will always be seen and possibly messes

Positives – quick to find toys and see what your baby has

Furniture with lid:

Negatives – toys usually get piled and are difficult to find and difficult to keep organized; baby’s climb on them

Positives – toys are enclosed; easy to say if the toy doesn’t fit in the box, get rid of it

No furniture:

Negatives – nothing is really organized; kind of messy

Positives – you know what toys your baby has

My son has basically two play areas. One has no furniture but has larger toys. The other has open bins. I just used a metal pail I got at his baby shower. A large plastic tub works too. He loves crawling in those, so those are toys in themselves. He does have a toy box with a lid in his bedroom, but he doesn’t use that at all. It’s more for storage right now. That was a toy box my dad made us when we were small. I almost forgot. I dedicated one cabinet in the kitchen for my son. So that’s another toy box J He knows he’s allowed to play in that one and only that one.He’s learning boundaries at an early age. That’s very important for children and adults alike.The furniture in the link could double as storage for toys and a seat, but beware of your baby climbing on it. I personally would love that if I had the money. Since we don’t have extra money, I just used what we had. Be creative or ask a creative friend for help. I love that stuff, so if you know me, ask away J

X Bouncer – I cannot tell you how much I wish I had something like this. I had a bouncer, but while he was small enough to sit in it he didn’t appreciate it. Now with a foot play thing, I think my son and many other babies would have a blast in it. When we have another baby, I am going to look for one of those second hand.

X Newborn Swing - Those first three months with your first baby seem to go by so slowly especially that first month. Remember, they have been used to being in your belly for nine or so months. Most babies still need that security. It looks to me like this would make life for both of you that much easier. I hope to find this second hand when I have another one.

Swing – This take along swing seems so nice especially for 3 – 6 month olds. I’ve found that most babies want to be able to see their momma or dada at that age. This way you could move your little one from room to room, outside, or even house to house easily. My son was not fond of the swing for more than ten minutes at a time, but it was given to us so no money was lost there. I think he might have enjoyed the take along swing more. But remember every baby’s different.

X Tummy Time - Tummy time is very important for babies. Giving them a clean surface for tummy time is essential. Any flat blanket would work for this; I’d steer clear of knitted/crocheted blankets. Most children scream during tummy time, but do it any way for ten or so minutes. These tummy time mats give the baby a little more to play with during that time.

X Play mat – These can be used as tummy time mats. As to the play mat, my son liked it for about two weeks. Then he started crawling soon after he rolled over around five months old. But there are many babies who wait nine months before crawling. Those babies might enjoy the play mat a lot more. Using a blanket works too.

Toy/Stuffed animal hammock – I love these! I actually want some on which to put extra pillows and child size bean bags. Our son has one in his room for stuffed animals and such. It’s not a necessity but it’s great for organization.


X Travel bed for on the go – Both of those travel beds are easy to carry light weight. I used the Eddie Bauer one while he was an infant and then used the Pea Pod after he started crawling. The Eddie Bauer one worked wonders, but I think I’d prefer using the Pea Pod the entire time. This way the baby would get used to that and always have something recognizable when falling asleep and waking up.


X Car seat – Having an infant car seat is super nice. This way you can put your baby in the car and take him out without much fuss. Plus if the baby’s sleeping, the car seat is a pretty safe place for the baby. No need to wake him up and try to get him to fall asleep again. Check the weight minimum and maximum limits before buying. Also make sure you can get at least one extra base for the car seat. The directions do explain when a baby is too big for the car seat. Reading all the instructions for the car seat is a must. I used a used car seat for my son just because I knew who it came from and that it had never been in an accident. In general, I suggest buying new.

X Car seat base x 2 or more (one per vehicle) (MAKE SURE THE BASE FITS THE CAR SEAT)

X Head support – no one wants their baby’s head to shift from side to side while in the car. Head support helps alleviate that. Often their precious head will still fall forward while they’re sleeping. I have yet to find something that will prevent that.

X Sun shade – the baby will probably scream if direct sunlight is in his eyes.


X Stroller – A universal car seat carrier will be extremely helpful. I didn’t realize at the time, but I had gotten a car seat carrier that only fit Graco car seats and I did not have a Graco car seat.Too late to take it back, so I had to purchase another car seat carrier. It was such a blessing though easy to use, pack, and store. A larger car seat takes up more room in and out of the car and is heavy lifting it in and out of the car.

X Carrier – I loved the Moby Wrap and so did my son. I used it from birth until I had to switch from the front to back carrying position. There are so many different ways to hold your baby.You can even hold twins. I was so glad I had it when we went to the fair. I was still able to nurse him while walking around and enjoying the fair. One down side is it takes a little while to put it on but you learn quickly. The wrap does hold back carrying positions; however, you need another person to put the baby in the carrier.

Bath TIme

X Bathtub – This bathtub is very easy to use and wonderful after the baby can hold up his head.My son loved it when he began sitting on his own. I also put my son in it when I needed to use the bathroom. He wanted to be with me, so he was safe, in eye shot, and he had toys to play with to keep him busy. But be careful, the tub can tip if the baby starts to crawl over the front or back of it.

X Shampoo /body wash – My pediatrician said to only wash the baby two to three times a week.You don’t want to continuously wash off their natural oils. The link is the shampoo/body wash I use for my son.

X Lotion – Putting lotion on your baby can be soothing and help with bonding time and massages. Yes, it’s good to massage our baby.

X Washcloths x many – My son did not like water being poured over his head so I used a wet wash cloth to get his hair wet and rinse off the shampoo. Once I figured that out, he found bath time to be so much fun. Wash cloths are great once the baby starts eating too, quick clean up.

X Hooded towels x3 or more – The hooded towels are so nice. The hood keeps the baby’s head warm while drying it off. When the baby’s young you can snuggle with him while keeping him toasty warm. It is better to have the hood at a corner of the towel; it covers the baby better.

Bath time help – I use a wash cloth which works great. Some really like that tool though.


X N Nursing cover – I like the dual purpose of the Balboa cover, but the slurp and burp cover seems like it would be ideal for nursing. My son constantly tried taking the cover off of him. It gets hot especially during the summer months. I borrowed one similar to the Balboa cover.

XN Bottles w slow flow nipples – My son was nursing like a champ after he was born, but he was peeing way too much. So they had to take him to NICU and there he was given an IV of sugar water and then given the bottle when I wasn’t there. He did get hydrated again but wasn’t latching like before. Within a couple days of using the bottles with the slow flow nipples, he was latching and nursing like a champ again. No more supplements were necessary J I swear by those if you want to nurse. I’m even going to take them with me the next time I give birth just in case.

XN Bottle Drop-ins – I’ve been told they help reduce colic. They’re easier to wash, just need to worry about the nipple. It’s also less to pack.

X Bottle Drying Rack – This keeps everything up right so the water drains completely out. It’s nice to have. I’ve found many other things dry quicker using that too.

Bottle brush – The large part makes it easy to clean bottles, lids, glasses, etc. The small part is great for nipples.

X Dishwasher basket – I use this for anything small. Keep it for later use too; it’s not just for bottles.

X N Nursing Nest Pillow – Whenever I’d nurse my son while lying down, which was a lot, I’d dream of a pillow like this. If only I had patented my idea J I want one to use for my next baby.The only thing I’m concerned about is if the baby will fit properly while being swaddled. If you find out, please let me know.

X N Brest friend pillow (excellent for use with newborns through 3 or so mo) – This was a life saver. My son nursed all the time. With this pillow I could still eat or play games with my friends and family. Just make sure you hold on to your baby and/or tilt the pillow toward you to prevent the baby from rolling off the pillow.

X Boppy (excellent after 3 or so mo; great as a pillow; great as a baby holder while taking pix) – I still use this but now mostly for me when I lie down or need an arm rest or something.

X Burp cloths x21 or more – My favorite burp cloths were the receiving blankets. They were large enough to fold and use again and very absorbent.

X Bibs x many – Bibs are great for drinking, eating, and drooling. Yes, your baby will drool a lot.I like the ones that slip over the head. They seem to cover a bit more area. The sayings are fun to read for you and others around the baby.


X Gripe water – This is great for teething, colic, and more.

X Baby Tylenol – It’s always good to have on hand. After shots and during teething your baby may get a fever. That’s when I was told to use it mostly.

Health care kit – Some of the stuff you will use and some of it you won’t. The nasal aspirator in this kit is horrible. I use the thermometer, but wish I had a different one, the clippers, and the syringe.

X Hand sanitizer – It’s nice to have hand sanitizer when you are out and are going to feed the baby, after you change his diaper, for others that want to touch your baby, etc.

X Thermometer – The thermometer I use is for under his arm, but he moves so much I don’t know how accurate it is. When I get some money I am going to buy this.

X Fingernail/Toenail clippers – I have used the clippers on my son since he was 3 or 4 weeks old.Before that, I tore them off. They were paper thin and came off easily. I never cut my baby’s fingers or toes, but I was extremely careful. I cut his nails for the longest time while he was sleeping. Then when he was about ten months old he didn’t fall asleep in my arms any more. I then would give him a cheerio to eat with one hand while I cut the other hand. Now that doesn’t work so I just hold his arms tight and talk to him. It takes longer, but it’s better than clipping his finger.

Brush/Comb – I’ve been told that brushing your baby’s hair helps get rid of their dry skin. I’ve never really used it, but some mothers use it all the time.


X Spray bottle w vinegar & water – This is so much safer for your baby than using bleach or other chemicals. Vinegar is a great cleaner too. Use half vinegar and half water.

X Detergent (soft rock and laundry scoop) – This laundry soap works wonders especially on diapers and it’s natural. If you have soft water, use about half as much as it calls for. They now have detergent for hard water, so choose accordingly.

For Moms

X N Nipple cream – This is VERY important especially in the first few months of nursing. Use after every feeding. After the baby becomes a pro at nursing, the cream won’t be needed as much. I used Lansinoh

X N Nursing bra x3 or more – Bravado bras are amazing! I wish I had bought them earlier in my pregnancy. There nice too because they work for three sizes. So if you grow, the bra grows with you. Amazing J

X N Nursing pads cloth – I use these and love them. I wish I had bought at least two packs though. I did not leak a lot. I’ve been told from those who leaked a lot that they cut up cloth diapers and used that.

N Nursing pads disposable – I did use disposables sometimes at the beginning. The ones I used were itchy. I didn’t like them. I figure the Lansinoh ones should work better. Some who leaked a lot told me to use cut up pads.

X Brief underwear especially if you had a c-section - The brief underwear was the only underwear that didn’t cut into my incision.

X N Pump – This pump worked great. I’ve also gotten many good reviews from friends.However, I had one cousin that said the electric pumps did not work for her. So she used a manual pump.

X N Bra for pump – I want this for my next baby. I used an old sports bra and cut a nickel size whole in each nipple. The hole will stretch when you put the pump through it, so you don’t want the hole too big. That bra did and still does work but I’d prefer the bra made for the pump.

X N Bags for milk – If you store your milk in storage bag for milk and put it in a deep freezer, the milk is good for 6 months. If you store it in the fridge, it’s good for about 3 days.

X N Milk storage for bags – Now that I’m done using this for milk in the freezer, I have it in my Tupperware cabinet holding lids. I love it for both uses J

X N Nursing Stool – I wish I had one. I’ve had to use make shift stools such as cabinets and such to elevate my feet while nursing. The make shift stools doesn’t allow for proper positioning and can bring on back or leg pain. This stool allows for different heights which should fit a larger variety of women.

X N To do while nursing: Journal, Pen, Highlighter, Book, Bookmark, Movies – The first three months of my child’s life, he nursed a lot. And when he was done nursing and wanted to sleep, he would only do so if I held him. I needed those things to keep me sane.

X Lotion – I have not used this but will buy it the next time I get some. I prefer organic than synthetic.

X Work out DVD – I didn’t get this DVD until my son was crawling. I wished I had it earlier. It’s important to keep fit. It’s much more difficult to get fit after you’ve stopped working out in some form. If you don’t like this one, find something that works for you.

X Camera/video camera – Capture all the moments you can. They change so quickly!

X N Post natal vitamins for nursing mothers – vitamins are important for nursing moms. The breast milk takes the nutrients away from mom so the baby gets what he needs.

X Modest middles – I never saw these until I was on the tail end of my nursing time. However, during my nursing time, I wished I had something to cover my belly while I nursed. Pulling up your shirt to nurse leaves your belly exposed. Most nursing mothers don’t want that. I’ll be getting at least one of those next time.

XN Comfortable place to nurse – This is very important. You’ll be using it for a very long time.So find something that works for you.


X Stroller/Bike Trailer – This looks pretty neat. It’s two in one J I have a bike trailer for one or two and I love it, so does my son and my nephew. It’s great exercise for me and a wonderful way to get the babies outside. It would be nice if the trailer turned into a stroller. I could bike more places. I’m afraid of going to the library, grocery store and other places where I’d have to leave the trailer outside. I don’t want it stolen.

X Baby carrier – The more I see this, the more I like it. There is even an infant insert. So wish I had one when my son was younger.

Car seat shade – I don’t have one but many times I wished I did. I hate the times the sun is in my babies eyes while I’m driving. He gets cranky which makes me cranky. However, the down side would be that it would be more difficult to reach around to let my baby know I am there.That being the case, I would probably not get the car seat shade.

X Seat for baby – I have the Bumbo seat for my son. I love it and so do many others. However, it is a bit difficult to get the tray on and the baby out if the tray is on. The bebe Pod seems more versatile.

X Keep baby’s head up right – My baby’s head always falls forward. I want these cushy straps but have not gotten them yet. They seem like they would help keep my baby’s head up right but I don’t know for sure.

X Exercauser – You’ll probably want this once your baby can sit without help. It keeps the baby busy and happy for a while. Depending on how long between the time your baby sits without help and crawls/scoots will probably depend on the length of time the exercauser is used.However, my son still plays with it just from the outside.

X Bath fun – My son loves these as a teething tool. We haven’t yet used them for the bath but I’m sure they will be a hit. They are one of my son’s favorite toys.

X Musical book – My son loves books and anything musical. When the two are combined, it’s all the better. Before he was very mobile, he’d sit and play with it for, it seemed like, hours. Now he’ll carry it around with him as he finds a new place to sit.

X Music – We keep this in the car hooked to the car seat by links. He loves it and has for quite some time.

X Plastic links – I use these to attach things to his car seat, stroller, and highchair at home and away. It also makes for a great toy.

Bathtub toy – I want this. I think my son will love it.

X Bathtub toy squirters – My son has one and loves to play with it. He hasn’t figured out how to fill it up or squirt it yet. But he thinks it’s fun when I use it J

X Bathtub toy keeper – It’s important to dry his toys and keep them from getting full of mildew.I’ve received many positive reviews of this item from friends and family. My son doesn’t have many bathtub toys right now, so it’s not needed yet. I’ll probably need to get one before we have another over night visitor, so we can get his toys in one spot as to give the visitor room to move.

X Car seat toy – I had a car seat toy that attached to the handle. The problem with that is it can’t be used while the baby’s in the car as the handle is supposed to be behind the seat not in front of the baby. I ended up attaching that one to the legs of a chair in our dining room. The hyperlink item attaches to the car seat itself, so it can be used while in the car.


X Enclosed Play area – I bought mine off of Craigslist. The extension came with it. That was a good size. In his early months of crawling, I was still exhausted. Both of us fit in there with me lying down. I could rest while he played, I knew he was safe, and he could get me if he needed me.

Complete Baby Proofing x many + and more – I used electrical cord outlet plugs, cabinet door locks, and drawer locks. That seems to be all I needed. Instead of locking my toilet, I’d just shut the door. My suggestion is to baby proof before your baby is six months old, because once they are mobile, you’d wish you had baby proofed.

X Shopping cart cover – I have used a shopping car cover due to germs and safety. It keeps my baby from touching/eating the cart that others germs are all over. And if he falls sideways, he has a little cushion to protect him.

X Toothbrush – My pediatrician said that once your baby gets teeth, you should brush them. At his one year appointment, she said it was very important to be brushing his teeth as he is eating all the foods we eat and waiting will just make it more difficult to get him to brush. I forget to brush his teeth. So I figured if he liked his toothbrush, he might help remind me J

Teething tablets – I’ve heard praises given for the tablets. I’ve found that the gripe water is the best.

Bathroom safety – I figure I’ll shut the door if I don’t want him in there. However, I plan on putting a lock on the cabinet with the cleaning items in it.

X Bathroom knee saver – You want a knee saver. I just use a folded up towel. It works well, plus it can soak up water that spills over the tub.

X Stool – My son has this and loves it. He can sit on it and put his toys in it. He loves to open and close the lid. It gives him something to do while you need to use the restroom for whatever reason.

X Carrier for hikes – I have one similar to this but without the cup holders. Those would be nice.It would also be nice to have a couple pockets on the straps in front of the adult. I’d love to have a pocket for my cell phone. In any case, if you hike or go on long walks, I strongly recommend this pack. It is great!

X Umbrella stroller – I strongly suggest getting an umbrella stroller for short trips. You’ll want something light, quick, and small. It may be a little too short for you if you’re tall and a harder to control than a jogging stroller. But the positive points outweigh the negative ones.

X Jogging stroller – These are great for longer walks/trips. The jogging strollers are easier to steer and more comfortable for you and the baby than strollers with four tires.

X Floor for Baby to move on – We have tile and wood in most of our house. You don’t want your baby hitting his or her head on it. And they will fall many times while learning to sit, crawl, and walk.

X 3 in 1 car seat or FAA approved car seat – I just recently found out that a baby traveling in an airplane in their own seat requires an FAA approved car seat or a CARES harness. So if you are planning on flying with your child, I suggest getting the FAA approved car seat. Then you’ll have a car seat for flying and driving. I have the 3 in 1 car seat. Chances are my son will sit on my lap this first trip and I’ll have my dad buy an inexpensive car seat there. When we have two kids, I think I’d prefer having the FAA approved car seat so I only have to pack one car seat for the little one. Decide what will work best for you and your family.

Car seat carrying case – If you’ll be flying with your child taking a car seat, you’ll want one or more of these.


Feeding System – The reviews seem to agree that the electric mill was not worth it. They said to use your blender. My blender didn’t work. It may be because it was old or something else. I liked the hand food mill below.

Feeding dish – looks good. I’d probably use it a lot if I had one, but I didn’t. It wasn’t missed.

X Food mill – This worked great as long as the veggies were cooked enough. I used it until my son got teeth and could handle small bites of cut up food at 9 months. I highly recommend it.

X Freezer Trays – I have two that were given to me. I love them. It’s great having something that is portion size and has a cover. I did use ice trays for the rest. Those can be covered with foil. They worked well too.

X Table cover – I love this. I used to bus tables and know that many tables are not cleaned properly. No, I’m not one of those over protective mothers. You could always give the table a decent cleaning using wipes if you don’t have a cover.

X Bib – I looked at Target and some of those bibs similar to the hyperlinked one are $16. Ouch! I thought this bib was pricy at $7. I got a plastic bib with short sleeves and a little pocket at Frys grocery store. It was only a few bucks. The pocket doesn’t seem to work that well, but if the table cover is used the pocket isn’t really necessary. However, as your baby grows, larger bibs are necessary.

X Seat – I got this for my baby shower. My son did not like I for quite some time. I think it was too roomy for him. In hind sight I should have put some blankets or towels next to him to make him feel more secure. However, once my son was mobile he enjoyed it. Now he gets a huge smile on his face as he climbs in it and rocks all by himself.

X Booster Seat or highchair – I like the booster. Mine’s different but I think I’d like the travel one better. The booster allows for one less furniture item taking up space. Realize that if you do need the chair the booster sits on, you will probably want to give it a good cleaning before someone else uses it. I put a pillow case over the back of the chair to keep that clean at least.When my baby was little I put him in the bumbo chair; however, some parents prefer to lean them back in a highchair. In that case, get a highchair that lays back. If I were to buy a highchair, I’d get the one I hyperlinked to. That way, it would have another use and it wouldn’t just be taking up room. As it is, my booster seat was given to me. I’d much rather make a gift work than have to spend money on it.


Harness – I haven’t had to use it yet. My son listens to me very well. However, he’ll probably be wearing it when we go to the fair or something like that. It’s also a little backpack. As of now he just likes playing with it and loves the tail.

Toddler backpack/harness – When he gets older, like three, I’ll probably get this for him. As he’ll want to be like a big kid and carry some of his own toys and snacks.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

10 on Thursday

1. Bubby and I went for a bike ride the other morning. We even stopped off at the park for a short time. On the way back he fell asleep :) He is so precious.

2. I'm hooked on The Biggest Loser.

3. Bubby got some Good Mama diapers for his birthday. I LOVE them. Now I understand why they are so popular and one of the more expensive brands.

4. Bubby took a bath in the tub without his bath seat. It took him a while to get comfortable with it, but then he loved it :)

5. I added ideas for a Baby Registry to my blog. It's still in the works. If anybody has any thoughts, let me know :)

6. We now have a pool :) A hard plastic play pool blew into a cousin's yard the other day. They couldn't figure out whose it was, so they gave it to us. God is so good. It feels so good when he blesses us by way of our family and friends. Now I just have to get it set up :)

7. My husband didn't realize it was Mothers' Day. But when he did, he chose to spend the day with me :) He even watched a movie that I picked out. It was nice and relaxing and I loved it.

8. Bubby loves corn-on-the-cob. He had it for the first time Tuesday :)

9. There is too much going on. I swear I'm busier now than I was when I had a full time job :(

10. We had a great time today at CW. It was good to see everybody. We'll be going to Mock Rock next week :)