Friday, May 6, 2011

Ten Today

1.  It's a lot more difficult getting on here than it used to be.

2.  JT's 2 year doc appt: 37 in. tall = 97%, 31.4 lbs = 86%

3.  RAE's 2 mo doc appt: 25 in. tall = 99%, 14.4 lbs = 97%

4.  We're looking at renting out our house.

5.  We're also looking at moving to the east side of the valley.

6.  RAE is sleeping better than ever :)  She goes to bed between 7-8pm and sleeps until 2-3am, then wakes again around 6 or 7am.  She's again sleeping well during the day too :)

7.  My son is growing so fast both in body and mind.  He sings his ABCs, Jesus Loves Me, and a few other songs with almost perfect accuracy.  He also surprised me today when we were counting blocks.  There were more than ten so I continued counting saying, "Eleven."  He then beat me to twelve.  My son knew twelve came after eleven.  He just turned two last week.  I'm afraid my son is growing up too fast.  Before I know it he's going to be telling me about a girl he has a crush on :(

8.  I made homemade chicken soup yesterday.  It was my first time doing so.  I took a spoonful just to try it.  OH!!!  It was disgusting!!!  It was all grease.  I was not aware that I needed to let it sit in the fridge overnight and then dispense of the grease.  I won't make that mistake again :)

9.  JT had a great time at his birthday party.  It was his first time hitting a pinata.  We had a great breakfast spread thanks to all those who brought something :)

10.  I sing a song to my little girl often.  It goes like this, "You're momma's little angel, momma's little lamb, momma's little lady, and big brother's momma's little man."  It usually always gets a smile out of her.