Sunday, August 21, 2011

God is so Good

Today, we went to our new church for the first time.  It's amazing how things fall into place some times.

Yesterday, my husband asked me if we were going to church tomorrow.  I said that I'd like to.  He looked it up on the internet and saw they have a 9 o'clock and 11 o'clock service.  I picked the 9 o'clock one.  Thankfully we planned to leave 30 minutes before service started.  We had a few issues arise, but all was good.

We walked our son to his class.  I was at complete peace leaving him there.  Then I decided to check where our daughter would go if I left her some where.  To my surprise, again I was at complete peace leaving her in her class.  This was her first day in Sunday school.  Then my husband and I went to service just as praise and worship started.

My back started hurting shortly after service started.  I had thought that I would have gone down for prayer if they opened it up which is weird because I don't like asking for "help".  In any case, at the end of praise and worship, we were asked to come forward for prayer for anything.  I was about to argue and fight about going up there but decided just to do it.

At the front, two ladies, Linda and Jane, prayed for me.  As they prayed I got chills up and down my arms, the good kind.  Linda kept hearing one word, "intercessor".  She asked me a few questions and started speaking into my life and my family.  They said that people are drawn to me because of Christ in me.  They also mentioned my family and how God will be using us.  For those skeptics out there, yes it could be coincidence.  But for what they prayed, the happenings around it, timing, and such, it could only be God.

As the preaching was about to begin, I was called into the nursery to feed my baby girl.  There I learned more about the church and started getting so much more excited about our new venture :)

God is good!


Pain to Purpose said...

That is so wonderful. What is the name of the church?

I too went down for prayer after church today, which is not something I've done for some time. It was a God thing. A woman named Paula prayed with me and after I told her my requests, she told me about her testimony. She was divorced 12 years ago and then just last year, they were remarried! A restored marriage after 10 years! Out of the 6 women waiting to pray, God totally lined me up with her. Very encouraging!

I can attest to the words that the women spoke over you. I definitely see Christ in you! How wonderful that you are training your children up in the ways of the Lord.

Love you,

Catina said...

I love you, Carrie. You are an amazing godly woman and mother. My prayers are with you and your family daily. God is amazing. He is working in both our lives and is lighting our path along the way. I am so blessed to call you friend. And I am so excited for what God has in store for us.

Our church is called Without Walls.